o k im going to bed for real now goodnight

k im actuall—-shake it jst started playing on this spotify playlist so i guess i’m staying up for like 3 more minutes BUT THEN I’M GOING TO BED FOR REAL

reblog if you are cute and hilarious

why didn’t i like breathe carolina when i was like 13


*looks up zodiac compatibility with fave* *sees that we’re not compatible* *throws rock at sky* fuck you fake bitch

it makes me really happy that you and logan are doing well because i followed you during your rough patches and it makes me glad that you two figured it all out because you seem so sweet and perfect for each other i wish you a lot of happiness
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this makes me happy thank you for the sweet message

soooooooooooooooo happyp i lov my boyfirned gooooooodnight


fe13 palette meme requests! i wanted to throw all the fes into one post but there were too many, so the older games will get their own post once i finish them all;;

couldnt resist having gerome and morgan match since theyre my precious kids :”)